Just the word, ‘summer,’ conjures up images of feeling free – a guilt-free pass to do nothing at all. Lazy days and hot summer nights welcome a chill in nearly any form. Warmer temperatures allow for an abundance of outdoor activities, while tempting inactivity for the same reason. Once Memorial Day hits the calendar, we covet the days until Labor Day, when carefree days grind to a halt, giving way to a new season of expectations. Summer love is one of the perks of the season. It feels different when the temperatures rise. There’s an easiness about it that brings simplicity to an otherwise more complicated endeavor. Billy Lord’s new single, “Netflix And Chill,” is as much about that feeling of summer love as it is about offering a suggestion. Everything about this song is gentle, cool, and as welcome as a summer breeze.

    LORD, BILLY TREE WITH GUITAR Billy Lord is an independent artist in every sense of the word. He wrote this song, and is responsible for its production and publication. What he’s captured in the lyrics, and the feel of the song, is the freedom to swim against the tide. We’ve heard plenty about what happens on the backroads, what summer feels like in the south, and your typical boy meets girl backwoods tale. Seasonal songs are intentionally written to garner radio airplay and cash in on a particular market. “Netflix And Chill” is the antithesis of that. It was genuinely written, without a target audience or specific demographic in mind. The freedom and simplicity the song evokes comes from the heart of the artist. Poured out into lyrics and onto the strings of his guitar, this song is exactly what you’d want if a guy with a guitar sat down to write you a love song.

     From the opening notes, played in an acoustic fashion, there’s a sweetness to the song. When Billy starts singing, his voice is full of honest intention. He gives credence to the many possibilities seeing his favorite girl could entail, and offers to grant her wish for the evening. Taking it one step further, he drops an alternative in her lap. With a tempting recitation of Netflix options, and the mood each of them delivers, who could say no to such a sweet invitation? While the freedom of the open road may beckon, what’s at home seems all the more alluring. It’s beauty in simplicity, breaking it down to what’s most important in life. No neon lights, alcohol, or morning after regrets involved. When life hits you like 110 degree day, sometimes it’s nice to just “Netflix And Chill.” This song is a reminder of how nice the ordinary can be.


     In a world that’s full of materialistic desires, this song is a gentle defiance of that. It’s stripped down to the bare bones of a love song. When all you may have is what’s in your heart, and the means to express that, something beautiful can still come from the effort. You can’t put a price tag on the relief of a summer breeze, and there’s nothing in this song that needs one. Sharing a comfortable couch, microwave popcorn, and a movie with the one you love – priceless. With nothing to satisfy but his own artistic intent, Billy Lord has recorded the ultimate independent release. You can’t help but feel free when you listen to it, and his voice makes me want to hear more.

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  1. Patti McClintic says:

    Could not have wrote this one better myself! This is destined to be THE song of summer 2016! Maybe they don’t know Billy Lord yet, but they will!!!!

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