Student of Percussion. Maestro of Motivation.

Orchestrator of the sound of success.

     Some of the most successful men in history weren’t born into privileged circumstances. Their success was a direct result of hard work, drive, and the ingenuity to think outside the box. Musicians aren’t always thought of as masters of innovation, even though the very life of music depends on it. The music industry is a microcosm of the interdependence the world thrives on. As a student, you develop the skills on which to build your foundation. The centrifugal force that launches your career is then entirely dependent on you. This often requires a multifaceted approach, making use of the knowledge you’ve acquired and RICH REDMOND Facebook Profile Picpulling from the reservoir of resources you’ve accumulated over the years. Rich Redmond is one of the most respected musicians based out of Nashville. With Music City as the hub of his career, he has developed a business plan that includes studio sessions, touring with a top country artist, teaching demonstrations, motivational speaking, songwriting, producing, and writing and recording educational materials for drum instruction. Percussion is the pulse that drives his every move. The heart he puts into sharing his passion provides the beat he uses to energize his instructional activities. He is doing what he loves and pushing the limits of his dreams. By carving out his unique niche in the market, he is creating a brand name that signifies excellence in drumming and sound motivational techniques. His CRASH Course for Success highlights his interdependent life, his past experiences, and how to nurture your dreams in the environment that’s right for you. It’s a succinct format in an energy infused presentation. Before you head to class, I’ve already done your homework. Here are the CliffsNotes on your extraordinary instructor!

     In our interview, Rich told me that there are no rules in the music business. This makes the industry an equal opportunity employer. There isn’t one particular path to playing at Madison Square Garden or wherever your dreams may take you. Rich’s journey began in Milford, Connecticut, but it would be a relocation that had the greatest impact on his future. His father accepted a job in El Paso, Texas, when he REDMOND, RICH - HAND DRUMwas 11 years old, which put him in fifth grade at a Texas school about the time he would join the band. Texas has a rich music history and provided the right climate to nurture a budding musical passion. In high school, he invested every spare minute he could squeeze out of a day into becoming a better musician and carried that dedication into his pursuit of higher education. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University and went on to the University of North Texas where he got a master’s degree, both in music education with an emphasis in performance. This is the point where ingenuity is crucial and having people skills is a major advantage. Rich Redmond has both. He moved to Dallas after college, seeking opportunities to find a music gig. As a major market, it offered the best chance to land a spot with a band. When things weren’t happening in the manner he had hoped, he had what he called “a mid-life, at 26 years old, crisis.” Looking at his options, he set his sights on New York, Los Angeles, or Nashville to jumpstart his career. In 1997, he made the move to Nashville with the hope that this location was the right direction.

     When Rich’s name is mentioned in advertisements, often he is tagged as Jason Aldean’s drummer. Their union didn’t happen overnight, nor did the success they’re enjoying today. Priority number one when moving to Nashville is lodging, food, and a means to pay for both. Rich hustled gigs, being a new guy in town, and began the process of building relationships. The music business runs on those relationships and the early ones he forged proved to be invaluable. Working in a night club, Rich found a band in need of a drummer. He landed the gig with a band called The Blues Other Brothers and met the son of one of REDMOND, RICH CMT AWARDS 2015his bandmates. Fast friends, he and Kurt Allison worked the night club circuit over the next two years. Musicians tend to gather in such places and in 1999, they met Tully Kennedy. His uncle would introduce them all to a young kid named Jason Aldean. These four guys, haphazardly thrown together, had no idea how far their partnership would take them or how strong their nucleus would prove to be. Over the next five years, this new band of brothers traversed every corner of the Southeast region, in a less than luxurious van, in an attempt to establish their careers and get Jason signed to a record deal. Keeping their options open, Rich, Kurt, and Tully joined lead singer, Tim Rushlow, (formerly of Little Texas) in 2003 and released an album. It resulted in two hit singles and a successful debut record, but it would be the lone release from this promising group before Tim pursued a solo career and Jason Aldean was signed by Broken Bow Records. The year was 2004, and Rich had been in Nashville seven years already. His lucky seventh year was the result of intense preparation, tireless efforts to seek out opportunities, and the patience to wait for the right gig to present itself.

     The career that Rich Redmond has built in the last decade is a master class in itself. His education and instinctive creative sensibilities have enabled him to maximize the possibility in every mile of his journey. Since 2003 when he was with Rushlow, Rich has not toured with anyone whose record he didn’t play on. That’s not the norm in Nashville, where records are generally recorded using studio musicians and solo artists build their road shows using tour musicians. Jason Aldean was one of the first solo acts to buck that tradition and tour with the guys he used in the recording sessions. This allowed Rich to experience the best of both worlds and expand his portfolio as a well-rounded musician. He’s now played on many recordings and has performed in every state and many countries around the world. REDMOND, RICH - STUDIO HEADPHONESHaving gotten beyond the challenges of touring out of a van, he says riding in style now allows him to pursue opportunities not otherwise within reach. He’s been able to capitalize on big market locations while on tour and test the waters in other genres. His credits include sessions with major artists outside of country music and numerous television appearances in prime time. His tour gig today involves a schedule of roughly 80 dates. That usually means three days on the road and four days at home. Rich finds few limitations in that weekly set up. It all comes down to your ability to slice and dice the days to accommodate your interests. Survival in the music business requires adaptability and an acute sense of timing. The economics and predatory innovation that drive today’s music market have forced record labels, artists, and musicians to reconfigure outdated formulas. With fewer dollars being spent on music and less records being made, Rich believes it just makes sense to use the same musicians in the studio and on the road. For professional musicians, this means not being able to rely on traditional revenue streams and being forced to think outside the box in terms of employment.

     For a guy with the talent, energy, and personality that Rich Redmond has, he can truly do anything he sets his mind to. His natural bent towards teaching, expert musicianship, and knowledge of the industry, laid the groundwork for his progression into producing. He told me that spending 350 days a year with his bandmates, Kurt and Tully, led to their decision to start producing acts together. It was a NEW VOICE ENTERTAINMENT LOGOlogical outlet for their talent and compatibility. The first artist they worked with was an emerging talent named David Fanning. That collaboration would prove to be so successful that they eventually made him the fourth partner in their production team. As New Voice Entertainment, they have worked with Thompson Square, Lindsay Ell, and Parmalee, producing both of Thompson Square’s acclaimed albums, Parmalee’s smash debut record, and a hit single for Lindsay Ell. None of these acts came into the production process with a record deal intact. Utilizing the relationships in the industry they’d built over the years, New Voice was instrumental in getting their hopeful artists signed to a label. As producers, their job is multidimensional based on the needs of the artist. Whether it’s performance coaching, stage presence, sound direction, musicianship, song selection, or image building that needs work, New Voice provides the tools to develop their potential. It’s a rewarding experience to build something from the ground up and Rich finds the challenges and creative opportunities exciting.

     One of the manifestations of his enormous talent as a drummer and vast experience in the music business is a program he created in 2007. Rich Redmond’s CRASH Course for Success was a Rich-CRASH-clinic-comic-logo-2-300x231product in the making long before he envisioned it. His mother taught him to read great literature from an early age. He read all the motivational masters as well as the biographies of some of the most successful men in history. He has long had an interest in self-help and personal growth opportunities. Combining these interests with his aptitude for teaching students of all ages, Rich has developed a tight, one hour format for his motivational program. Audiences will get to hear and witness his impressive REDMOND, RICH CRASH COURSE PIC 4drum style during the presentation. He shares his background in music and illustrates how each step along the way has played a part in his life journey. He encourages interactive segments throughout the lesson and leaves his audience with motivational ideology they can apply to their individual situations. The importance of cultivating meaningful relationships is stressed throughout the session. What makes this such an impressive program is its adaptability for any age group or themed environment. Rich can spend this hour with a classroom full of kindergarten students or a conference room full of employees on retreat with a Fortune 500 Company. Both groups will come away from the experience with a fresh perspective and/or an enlightened mind. For corporate groups, this might mean finding a renewed sense of direction in their careers or life paths. For young students, this exposure might make an impression that changes the course of their lives. The spark that ignites a passion may well come from this hour of interaction between a passionate instructor and an engaged student.

     Any good teacher will tell you that there is no greater feeling in the world than making a difference in someone’s life. Rich expressed this in our conversation several times while talking about projects he’s involved in. He ventured into songwriting four years ago, trading his demo sessions for writing sessions with some respected friends he’s made in the industry. John Eddie, Adam Fears, Eric Halbig, Elisha Hoffman, Mark Holman, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Kevin Kadish, and Jake Scherer are among the co-writers Rich mentioned as always inspiring something great to come out of a session. FUNdamentals of Drumming AmazonLike teaching, he considers this a more long-term investment. Great songs are timeless and their longevity will pay dividends well into the future. Some might call songwriting a way of creating a legacy for yourself. If a song becomes a beloved hit, the writer’s name will be forever linked to it. Creating a brand that is synonymous with your name and life’s work is another way to cement a legacy, but as Rich sees it, it’s also a way of paying forward the gifts you’ve received in your life. He has 35 years of experience in the music world and a couple of his recent projects have allowed him to share what he’s learned. FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids is a book he’s written and just recently released. It’s a Modern Drummer publication being distributed by Hal Leonard. Although it’s marketed for children, he says the content is suitable for beginning drummers of any age. The hope is that the book will become standard stock in music stores across the country and a staple in the curriculum used by band teachers and music instructors nationwide. Currently, he is in the final production stages of filming a DVD project that he financed himself. Rich Redmond’s CRASH Course for Success: Drumming In The Modern World is a 4 ½ hour, double-disc educational product that draws on his many years of playing experience. He hired award winning director, Eric Dorris, for the project and plans to use an established company to distribute the product online and to brick and mortar outlets globally. It’s the possibility of reaching a global audience that keeps Rich Redmond thinking outside the box.

     When you’re a high school student in the marching band, it’s easy to dream about a future that puts you on grand stages, but harder to envision the path that will get you there. Rich Redmond‘s success story isn’t a rags to riches, overnight sensation, one in a million tale. It’s a working man’s diary that lets you in on the secrets he’s learned over the years. He will tell you that the music business doesn’t require that you get a college degree to be successful, and many of the guys he’s played with don’t have them. REDMOND, RICH - BEACHThat being said, he’ll encourage you to get one. He looks at those four years of higher education as an investment no one can ever take from you. Earning that degree looks great on a resume, but what you learn, and the experiences you have during that time, may prove to be life-altering in ways you can’t yet imagine. The career you’re looking for likely won’t arrive in a package, neatly wrapped, and dropped on your doorstep. The music industry has undergone a tremendous upheaval in the new millennium. Longevity and financial success now require that musicians do a little bit of everything they’re interested in. It may also mean finding a revenue stream that is not reliant on the music business. Diversify your portfolio, as they say on Wall Street. There are a lot of options for music majors coming out of college that go beyond the cycle of band student becomes band instructor. Rich firmly believes that opportunity is only limited by your creativity. There is lucrative work in the music business if you arm yourself with knowledge, develop your talent, and travel the miles it takes to find it. Finding the right gig is just a stepping stone to the path that will lead you from side man to name brand.

     The first time I heard Rich Redmond playing the drums, I had no idea who he was and I didn’t care much for country music. The energy he was playing with crashed through my car radio and struck me like a bolt of lightning. Passively listening to the song was not an option. In our interview, Rich talked about REDMOND, RICH - 3D SHOTthe responsibility that comes with his job as the guy on stage that sets the tone for the performance. As a drummer, he provides the back beat to the music and is a source of energy for the audience and all the guys on stage with him. When Rich first moved to Nashville, he was a rocker (and still is!). He immersed himself in the world of country music, found his place in that wheelhouse, and has become one of the best drummers in the genre. He’s managed to find the positive in every step of his professional journey and has the gift of being able to encourage and inspire others. Whether it’s expert drum lessons you’re looking for or a CRASH Course for Success motivational presentation, you won’t find a better teacher or mentor than Rich Redmond. He exudes passion and positivity and his musicianship reflects his personality. He encourages bigger than life dreams and lends the courage to take that first step. Unlike the stock market crash of 1929 when many people lost everything, his version of a CRASH just might lead to your biggest gain. Rich Redmond is a percussionist. On stage, he orchestrates the sound of the many instruments at his command into a musical backbone that supports the body of musicians around him creating performance art. To produce such a powerful sound, he must strike the instruments with the perfect balance of precision and force to energize the music in a manner that elevates the song into a concert experience. He lives his life with the same level of orchestration, keeping everything perfectly in tune with the impassioned work he does. Today’s world is often out of sync. The Rich Redmond experience will teach you how to synchronize your personal percussion and create the harmony that leads to a lifetime of beautiful music. The sound of success is just a CRASH course away!

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