They say what’s missing in country music is the storytelling that used to be a hallmark quality. Gone are the days when a singer could move you with just the sound of their voice and the right song. We’ve become desensitized to what’s on the radio because it’s largely predictable. When “The Highway” on Sirius XM announced this as their “Highway Find,” I thought they’d reached into the archives to find this one. The singer is William Michael Morgan, and his debut single is “I Met A Girl.” The first time I heard it, I recognized the song as one I knew Sam Hunt had co-written with Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen. Sam had a demo version of it on a mixtape you could download off his website. It sounded nothing like this. What a difference a voice can make.

     I was driving when William Michael Morgan‘s voice came out of the radio. With the first few words MORGAN, WILLIAM MICHAEL SINGINGout of his mouth, I had chills. The sound of his voice completely changed my relationship to the song immediately. It was a different time, and I was swept up in the situation he was describing. This was no raunchy affair. It was a heartfelt rendering of meeting the right girl and choosing just the right words to describe her. I was picturing a time when young ladies dressed as such and were treated accordingly. William Michael was serenading her as a gentleman would. You can’t help but close your eyes when he sings this and pretend you’re that girl. When was the last time you heard a song that gripped you so completely you forgot not only where you were, but what decade you were in? This used to be the norm in country music. It’s been a long time.

     This is not old school country in a way that makes it seem outdated. William Michael’s voice is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise largely hungover atmosphere. He’s taken a beautifully written song, changed the arrangement to suit his artistic identity and his vocal wheelhouse, and made it relevant on country radio in 2015. It’s a tender approach to a song about a boy and a girl, and you can’t help but soften your demeanor when you listen to it. His perfectly smooth voice takes all the tension out of the air and has the understated power to make time stand still while you listen to it. It feels like the country world’s turned upside down, and the only thing that I can say is, wow! This is an absolutely stunning debut effort.

Watch the new video for “I Met A Girl!”


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William Michael Morgan’s CMA Fest photos are courtesy of Bill McClintic of 90 East Photography/Think Country UK.


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8 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Amazing song but I have to say that I think Sam Hunt’s version is so much better then this guy’s. He really doesn’t put a whole lot of emotion into the song and he makes the song seem kind of dated to me. Sam doing the spoken word in his version along with his emotional connection to the song is what makes it new and fresh to me.

  2. Wow, I am in love with his voice. He is so very talented and he’s from my hometown. It just doesn’t get any better than that. My family is best friends with his brother and unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him. What I wouldnt give to just meet him or get in the studio with him. Way to go WMM. I wish you much success. You sound amazing and I feel you’re exactly what country music needs. The sky is the limit. Good luck

  3. This young man use to entertain us at Lake Bruin when he was a little boy. He has become a handsome man with a beautiful voice! Wishing him the very best!!

  4. You sound awesome, love listening to your voice.you definitely got what it takes.wishing you the best.

  5. Julie says:

    Amazing voice. I think I actually meted. I totally agree with the article, it’s been a long time Country Music! Time to get back to your roots and forget the main stream junk some so called “Country Artists” are throwing out. Can’t wait to watch WMM’s rise to the top. Stay true to who you are!

  6. ANNIE says:

    Sam Hunt should stick to songwriting and leave the singing to actually singers. This is proof!

  7. Tony Collier says:

    Saw Sam Hunt live at Country2Country in London earlier this year and thought he was great but this guy has got a much clearer recorded voice and it’s a great song. Would be interesting to compare them singing live

  8. Don & Rita Verhoeven says:

    We were privledged to meet William Michael Morgan Yesterday outside of Ford Field warming up for Kenny Chesney. I know he will remember the Corona we bought him…. 🙂 His band was very cordial….he spent time with us afterwards. Very humble down home Guy. We wish him the BEST!!!! Good Luck and looking forward to your first CD!!!!

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